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* Purpose

Bright Ideas! is a University-wide program designed to encourage all employees of the University of Arizona community to contribute innovative suggestions that can enhance campus life and working conditions.

Suggestions should be creative and should benefit the University by:

  • improving the quality of working conditions and campus life;
  • eliminating inefficiencies, waste or duplication;
  • saving money, resources or time;
  • streamlining administrative procedures and operating methods; and
  • increasing safety, promoting health, or improving morale.

Suggestions must be realistic, cite a specific area for improvement, include a brief analysis of the intended results, and recommendations for potential implementation strategies.

Bright Ideas! will be reviewed by a committee made up of various University employees from all over the UA campus.

* How Do I Submit My Bright Idea?

Any UA faculty, staff,or student employee--or group of employees--may submit a suggestion at any time. Suggestions made be submitted on-line, via e-mail, campus mail, or fax by using a suggestion form and including all pertinent information outlined below.

Suggestions should include:

  • A description of the problem to be addressed or the area to be improved;
  • A detailed description of the solution; and
  • An analysis of the benefits to the University.

The Suggestion Coordinator will immediately acknowledge, in writing, the receipt of each suggestion. The suggestion is encoded to ensure anonymity and then forwarded to the Bright Ideas! Suggestion Team. Each Bright Ideas! suggestion will be reviewed at the Team's bimonthly meetings.

The Suggestion Team will submit results and recommendations of appropriate ideas to the Program Sponsors. Ideas that are more appropriately dealt with at the college or unit level will be referred to a suitable individual for further evaluation and action.

Bright Ideas! will be awarded and recognized upon implementation. The Suggestion Team will present employees with cash awards, plaques, or other great gifts for meritorious Bright Ideas!

* The Bright Ideas! Team

The following individuals are the current team members. They represent a wide cross-section of the University community; faculty, staff, students and appointed personnel.

Bill Leith - Special Assistant to the Director
Facilities Management
PO Box 210049
FAX: 621-5617
Bob Quiroz - Accountant, Sr.
Arizona Research Labs
Gould-Simpson - Room 1013
FAX: 621-1364
MaryLou Stengel - Business Manager, Sr.
Forbes - Room 410
FAX: 621-1150
Dick Strayer - Program Coordinator
Parking & Transportation
Building 181 - Room 200
FAX: 621-9898
Jane Tongate - Program Coordinator
Radiation Control Office
Babcock Bldg. - Room 1201
FAX: 626-2583

* Bright Ideas! Program Coordinator

Monica Franco - Program Coordinator
Administration & Athletics
McKale Memorial Center - Room 229
FAX: 626-7018

* Sponsor

Joel D. Valdez
Senior Vice President for Business Affairs
Administration Bldg. - Room 605

* Alternate Sponsor

Julius Parker
Associate Vice President for Business Affairs
Administration Bldg. - Room 610