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* Purpose

Bright Ideas! is a University-wide program designed to encourage all employees of the University of Arizona community to contribute innovative suggestions that can enhance campus life and working conditions.

Suggestions should be creative and should benefit the University by:

  • improving the quality of working conditions and campus life;
  • eliminating inefficiencies, waste or duplication;
  • saving money, resources or time;
  • streamlining administrative procedures and operating methods; and
  • increasing safety, promoting health, or improving morale.

Suggestions must be realistic, cite a specific area for improvement, include a brief analysis of the intended results, and recommendations for potential implementation strategies.

Bright Ideas! will be reviewed by a committee made up of various University employees from all over the UA campus.

* How Do I Submit My Bright Idea?

Any UA faculty, staff,or student employee--or group of employees--may submit a suggestion at any time. Suggestions made be submitted on-line.

Suggestions should include:

  • A description of the problem to be addressed or the area to be improved;
  • A detailed description of the solution; and
  • An analysis of the benefits to the University.